Polynesian Culture

by Sean N. Bennett

About this Project

Prior to this textbook being on the Internet, articles and Web pages were used in place of textbooks for the UVU Transcultural Nursing class. Why no textbook? It's simple. Traditional textbooks are extremely expensive, difficult to keep current and almost impossible to find one that meets all the needs of the student and the course. This on-line textbook is a collaboration of efforts by nursing students from Utah Valley University (UVU) and their nursing professor Sean N. Bennett. It is a continual work in progress. It is FREE to the reader and hoped to be used by anyone wanting to better know these beautiful people.

If you are using this textbook for any purpose we would like to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected].

Design & Delivery

This on-line textbook is specially formatted for three delivery methods.

Laptop or computer display

The fixed width display insures that text and images stay in the same place just as they do in a textbook. The sans-serif font used was designed specifically for low resolution screens.


There are still some learners who prefer a printed textbook so they can hilight or read off-line. When these chapters are printed, the non essential navigation elements have been removed and the text is rendered using a font appropriate for print. Research indicates that fonts with serifs are easier to read on paper.


With the increase in the number of students using mobile learning devices, we have designed this on-line book to display on phones and tablets.